Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventures in Drying Racks

Over the last year or two we have managed to pick up or build most of the equipment we need for the studio. With one exception; a drying rack. Surprisingly these are harder to come by than you might think.

They are ridiculously expensive if you buy them new, so that was definitely not an option.

The home made solutions we have been using are really starting to slow us down and cause a lot of problems and headaches. Try finding room for 300 sheets of 11"x17" paper laying flat in a small space.

So over the last year we've been scouring the province for one. A couple weeks ago, finally success! One came up for sale on Kijiji. The only hitch was that it was in Edmonton and we are in Saskatoon.

The plan was to make an epic day trip to Edmonton and back.

Trailer rented and car borrowed I was off early Friday morning.

The rack turned out to be far larger than we need. Approximately, 4' x 5' x 6' high with 50 racks and it weighs over 300lbs!

Luckily the guy selling the drying rack owns a sign shop in Edmonton and had a forklift to load the rack onto the trailer. We strapped it down the best we could and I prayed it wasn't going to fly off the trailer between here and Saskatoon!

The drive went far better than expected, and I only had one minor incident.

The funny part is that right now we don't even have a space large enough for the rack! So for the moment it is being stored outside in the backyard! Wrapped up like an ugly Christmas present. I can't wait to unwrap it and start putting it to some good use.

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