Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Sweets : Inspiration: Summer is Here!

Summer has finally arrived on the Prairies! We are surrounded by green grass, blue open sky, as well as  blossoming shrubs and pots planted full of petunias. I really have a great appreciation for this time of year and being able to enjoy the colours and the natural beauty of the great outdoors. It is Truly Inspiring! Here are a few of the images that I have taken over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom T Shirts

Recently a friend asked us if we could print t-shirts for a family event. Of course we said YES!

The only hitch was that we had never really printed t-shirts before. How hard could it be, really? It is just a simple one colour shirt. The process went pretty well, but we certainly did learn a lot! Man is registration different with fabrics than it is with paper...

Our friend supplied us with the finalized artwork and t-shirts. All we had to do was print off the films, mix a custom ink colour, and print.

Dana mixed a fantastic cream colour that looked awesome on the light blue t-shirts. We did discover that printing light colours on darker shirts is a little tricky. The inks are so transparent that the colour of the shirt really affects the ink colour. Having said that she was hoping to get a real weathered kind of look, so I think that actually ended up working in our favour.

Here is how the final product turned out. Thanks Jen!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Erin Weiss Custom Dolls

This year was my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and I decided to ask Erin of Boolah Baguette to make custom dolls. The process was pretty easy, all I had to do on my end was find a photo of my parents when they were first dating and Erin took care of the rest.
When Erin emailed us to say that the dolls were ready for pick up we were truly excited!

What is so incredible about Erin's work is the attention to the details.

With just a couple of photos emailed off and a bit of time Erin came up with the likeness of my parents when they were first dating to a tee. The details that we love are the scalloped collar, the sparkling button on the dress and the cat glasses that my mom wore. As well as the other details that we just can't say enough about which is the red tie and the sideburns that my dad fashionably sported. Her work is truly amazing and it is one of the reasons why we buy local and handmade. Thanks Erin!!!