Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom T Shirts

Recently a friend asked us if we could print t-shirts for a family event. Of course we said YES!

The only hitch was that we had never really printed t-shirts before. How hard could it be, really? It is just a simple one colour shirt. The process went pretty well, but we certainly did learn a lot! Man is registration different with fabrics than it is with paper...

Our friend supplied us with the finalized artwork and t-shirts. All we had to do was print off the films, mix a custom ink colour, and print.

Dana mixed a fantastic cream colour that looked awesome on the light blue t-shirts. We did discover that printing light colours on darker shirts is a little tricky. The inks are so transparent that the colour of the shirt really affects the ink colour. Having said that she was hoping to get a real weathered kind of look, so I think that actually ended up working in our favour.

Here is how the final product turned out. Thanks Jen!

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